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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Arts- Decorative Plastic Flowers

Handmade Decorative Plastic Flowers

Ever thought of turning used plastic bottles into something beautiful? Making portable flowers out of plastic bottles is one of simple ways to reuse and recycle plastic bottles, they are very good home decor items which are very easy to make.  So next time don’t  throw empty plastic bottles and make something like that to decorate your home. This can also be a beautiful art and craft project for school kids.

Materials Required
  • 2 Plastic bottles
  • Glue
  • Acrylic Colors
  • Scissor
  • Cut the top & bottoms off of two plastic bottles using a sharp knife (use with caution) to make the first cut and then with the help of scissors trim bottles to desired height.
  • Give them petal like shape.
  • Color them on the back side in whatever color and pattern you want
  • Let them dry
  • Arrange them like this in any pot, vase or simply in the bottom part of the bottles and use some sand rocks to give them a base it will enhance the beauty of the flowers
  • Your decorative flowers are ready to display. Hope you like this. A simple combination of colors could turn these into some very beautiful art objects
  • I will post some more ideas to recycle plastic bottles soon
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