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Sunday, July 21, 2013

Handmade Decorative Paper Flowers

 Paper Flowers

Do you like decorate your house with hand made craft. Utilizing your creativity and love for art is going to be a fun and satisfying experience for sure. 

This floral arrangement is made from inexpensive coffee filter papers (you can even make this with simple paper or any colorful craft papers) and is perfect for gift decorations and  household decorations.Coffee filters are versatile for a variety of craft projects,turning humble materials into something beautiful is an admirable skill. This step by step post is for craft using coffee filters.This is a very easy and quick to make.


  1.     White round coffee filters (7-8 filters per flower)
  2.     Wire(paper clip)
  3.     Liquid glue
  4.     Tape
  5.     Acrylic color paint
  6.     Scissor   
  7.     Paint brush  


  • Take each coffee filter individually and fold in half, then fold in half again forming triangles (careful not to straighten the pleats).
  • Cut them into petal shapes.
  • Mix acrylic paint in a bowl with water and dip the filters in to bowl to color them.
  • You can make them any color you want by experimenting with different combinations of colors. Just remember that they will dry much lighter than the color of the water.
  • Remove after one minute. You can always dab more color if you want using painting brush. Let them dry they dries fast.
  • They will look like this when they are done. 
  • Now fold them in half, then in half again.Cut a small rounded notch out of the bottom corner.
  • Take a wire and make a loop at one end of it.
  • Insert the wire into the center of one of the filter. Pull the filter up and around the loop of wire and pinch all the filter together up and around the wire. Add glue to stick the filter/ paper to the wire.
  • Twist it around the wire. 
  • Add another filter.Pull it up, pinch, and twist.
  • Now  by folding and gathering the filters, When your rose is done,make the bottom portion as small as possible so you can wrap the tape around.
  • Do not put the tape too low or it will slip out and not hold secure enough. 
Now they are ready to be displayed any way you want!

 Once completed, you will surely admire the beauty they create for very cost effective and quick decorating items.


  1. Hi megha
    Lovely flowers.. What is a coffee filter? Pic looks like a up cake mould.. Can I use that instead

    1. Hello Muthukaruppi Meyyappan

      A coffee filter is a coffee-brewing utensil, usually made of disposable paper that is made of very small particles.
      You can use any craft paper or paper tissues also to make these flowers but the paper should be thin enough to make petals.Thanks

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  3. Where can I get coffee filter paper for flower making I am staying in India mumbai

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